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ClientX Themes

ClientX Themes

ClientX is the most unique WHMCS client area theme or template that gives a unique design to your WHMCS client area. It comes with various styles and features that make it more unique than any other template available in the marketplace.

Change color style according to your requirements with the ClientX addon module in WHMCS admin, you do not need to have developer knowledge to change the colors, you just need to add hexa codes and its all done.

1. Attractive Home Page
2. Color Scheme Changer from WHMCS admin
3 Multiple Menu Styles
4. Comes with Social Signup
5. Fully RTL Supported
6. Inbuilt custom designed Order Form Template
7. Refreshed Domain Search Page
8. Add your custom Header and Footer in Client Area
9. Menu Editors (Add, Delete or Edit Menu Items
10. Comes with Unique Invoice Template
11. New Sidebar for Notification, Settings, Cart Summary detailed information
12. A completely redesigned client area home page with a fresh professional look
13. ClientX is now fully compatible with WHMCS v8.2.0 and works amazingly
14. Clients can now set the dashboard layout according to their preference

These features have made the ClientX the number one selling WHMCS Client Area Template, come and join the team WGS by opting the ClientX.

Upon validation, and inputting your API credentials, you will be able to select your Square Store Location, and will be able to officially take payments through the gateway. There is a SANDBOX mode with SANDBOX Credentials, so you will be able to TEST the module before accepting official payments through square.
ClientX is compatible with most of the WHMCS Modules available in the market, still in case you will find any issues or confliction with any of the custom WHMCS module available in the WHMCS marketplace, we will resolve the issue for FREE. We will not charge extra for any compatiblity fixes.

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